ESR 13 Mira Rosenthal, Weizmann Institute, Rehovot

ESR 13 Mira Rosenthal

Department of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Supervisor: Prof. Maya Schuldiner



From a young age I was fascinated by nature and science, which was also very much stimulated by my direct environment. Being raised in the Netherlands but having a Finnish mother and Israeli father, I grew up with a very internationally oriented family and love for traveling and adventures. When I learned about the PERICO project, it was immediately appealing and exciting for me to have the chance to work with inspiring scientists combined with many international collaborations and secondments.

Project Title: Peroxisome-mitochondria and peroxisome-LD contact sites in yeast

 My project in PERICO involves understanding the contact sites between peroxisomes and lipid droplets or mitochondria. I wish to uncover what holds these organelles together and discover contact site functions.

My scientific interest focusses on classic cell biology and genetics. Understanding cell functions on the protein level by creatively using high content screens in yeast but also trying to explore how to use techniques from outside cif my current expertise are ways to keep my research exciting and challenging .

In my free time I enjoy swimming, hiking and reading. Traveling to new places or going to wine and cheese tastings are additional activities that I will not turn down easily. Meeting new people and traveling to new places keeps me motivated as there is still so much to learn and discover around us. If we keep our mind open, we can learn something new every day.

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