ESR 10 Marco Anteghini Lifeglimmer GmbH, Berlin

ESR 10Marco Anteghini

Lifeglimmer GmbH, Berlin, Germany

Supervisor: Vitor Martins dos Santos




In 2017, I enrolled for the International Master in Bioinformatics at the University of Bologna after completing my undergraduate degree in Biological Sciences from the University of Ferrara. Even though I had a biological background my first impression with bioinformatics was a pleasant one and it made me realise that I wished to pursue this area for my future. I have always been attracted to life sciences, in fact, I did my Bachelor’s internship at the clinical nutrition section, at the University of Ferrara.

I recently finished my master’s thesis project at the Forschungszentrum Jülich, under the supervision of Prof. Birgit Strodel from the Computational Biochemistry Group. The aim was to build an HMM profile from molecular dynamics data of the amyloid beta peptide. Given the importance of this protein in the development of Alzheimer’s disease I see my work as a possible contribution to this important field, linking my current research with the fields of applied sciences.

I was born in Ravenna, Italy and I lived my childhood in a small city in north est Italy called Comacchio.

Project Title: Model-driven discovery and network modelling of peroxisomal interactions

 With the PhD project “Model-driven discovery and network modelling of peroxisomal   interactions” we can focus on the identification and functional characterization of peroxisomal           membrane contact sites and transporters. From this knowledge, we can also understand the significance of peroxisome interactions in health and disease, studying the role of functional  interactions of peroxisomes with other organelles in malnutrition.

 In order to understand the role of physical peroxisomal contacts in controlling cellular metabolism and the significance of peroxisomal transporters in cellular metabolism and  signaling, we will perform large-scale multiple sequence alignments and whole-genome  comparative analyses for multiple organisms to search for yeast, human, and trypanosomal  homologues to already defined peroxisomal contact, and homologues of peroxisomal                 transporter.

 We will also analyze membrane proteins that have a predicted potential function as peroxisomal  transporters based on literature data. Integrating the results obtained in all projects involved, we will construct a computational model of a contact site network, and from the analysis on the transporters, that also includes the validation of the suitability of selected trypanosomal  transporters as potential novel drug targets, we can perform pathways analysis and metabolome  profiling.

  Finally, in order to understand the significance of peroxisome interactions in health and disease,   we will proceed to (i) establish an in vitro model for severe malnutrition, and (ii) develop           computational models of the interplay between peroxisomes and mitochondria in fatty-acid oxidation.

My scientific interest:

– Life science and Bioinformatics

– Bioinformatics tools, apps and softwares development

Main activities in my free time:

Music (guitarist and singer) and sport (Running, Swimming, Cycling) .


I love hiking and walk long trekking routes



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