ESR 11 Cláudio F. Costa, Catholic University Leuven


Laboratory of Lipid Biochemistry and Protein Interactions, KU Leuven, Leuven, Belgium

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Marc Fransen

I am Cláudio and I was born 23 years ago in Coimbra, Portugal. Coimbra is also the city where I received most of my academic education. I obtained a Bachelor degree in Biochemistry and a Master degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology in the University of Coimbra (UC). For about 3 years, I was member of Mitochondrial Toxicology and Experimental Therapeutics (MitoXT) group, based on Center for Neurosciences and Cell Biology of the University of Coimbra. MitoXT group and its PI, Dr. Paulo J. Oliveira, have a long tradition in researching in the fields of mitochondrial biology, toxicology and therapeutics. My Master thesis work was focused on the enhancement of cellular oxidative metabolism on NHDF cell line for mitochondrial health assessments, allowing me to obtain background in respirometry, metabolism, toxicology and molecular (particularly mitochondrial) biology.

Project Title:  Peroxisomal redox metabolism in health and disease

My project’s main objective is to acquire novel insights about how peroxisomes function as redox signaling nodes in mammalian cells. To achieve that, I will focus on four specific research objectives: (i) to identify proteins that have the capacity to channel hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) across the peroxisomal membrane; (ii) to study the role of the identified H2O2 transporters in signaling pathways and cellular responses to H2O2-induced oxidative insults; (iii) to unveil the role of peroxisome membrane contact sites in interorganellar redox communication; and (iv) to assess how altered expressions of known and newly-identified peroxisomal transporters modulate redox state in different cell compartments. The outcome of these studies will help us to better understand how peroxisomal redox metabolism contributes to diverse biological processes in health and disease.

My main scientific interests are threads such as metabolism, cell physiology and molecular biology. However, my commitment is with the pursuit of knowledge, so literally any topic can be an interest, as long as it is interesting.

Besides science, I am also a musician with a particular passion for classical music. Other hobbies include writing, watching sports or simply relaxing with a cold beer.

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