ESR 09 – Hirakjyoti Das, University of Freiburg

Department of

Biochemistry and Functional Proteomics

Supervisor: Prof. Bettina Warscheid

I pursued my bachelor studies in Zoology, a broad subject that exposed me to all areas of life science. Then I did my masters in molecular and human genetics with a keen interest in cell biology and immunology.  Through my recent projects, I have developed a strong passion for research and wish to contribute through the PERICO project.My project in PERICO perform quantitative proteomic studies using high-resolution MS, identify and characterize membrane contact sites and novel membrane transporters. This is to be followed by bioinformatics and statistical analysis of large proteomic datasets

Project Title:  High-resolution proteomics of peroxisome-centred MCS and transporter

 Through the PERICO project, I intend to join the class of diligent scientists in their quest for unravelling different peroxisome-centred membrane contact sites and transporters by high-resolution proteomics. This will bring new insights into the role of peroxisomes in metabolism, cellular homeostasis and ultimately help in developing therapeutic interventions in various peroxisome associated diseases.

I am passionate about music (singing, playing guitar) and  also love playing sports (football, cricket, volleyball) in my free time. I am interested in travelling and exploring new places.

Challenges and the fact that we can give our best to overcome it motivates me to take up new ones. In pursuit of my love for science I realized that research has the ability to transform millions of lives, and the very fact that we are fortunate to be a part of it is astonishingly inspiring.

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