ESR 5 Asmaa Haja, University of Groningen,

ESR 5 Asmaa Haja

University of Groningen

Supervisor: Prof. Dr. Lambert Schomaker

 I am a computer scientist from Nazareth. I have completed my bachelor and Master from Technical University (TU) of Berlin. My focus lies on Machine learning. My experiences include working at the TU Berlin as a student research assistant for two and a half years, and I have already published two papers during my master’s program.

Project Title:  Deep learning for intra-cellular object detection and classification in multimodal robotic microscopy

My project in PERICO deals with analyzing microscopy images. This includes object detection and segmentation with the end goal of object classification. The research includes working with a robotic microscopy that is capable of moving in all directions in order to scan the whole well-plate in short time. Unfortunately, scanning process is time-consuming and thus significant information will be missed. In other words, the end goal of the project is to guide a robotic microscope to decide in which direction to move in order to detect and obtain the important information in a short time.

My scientific interest involves combining computer science, especially machine learning and artificial intelligence, with day to day life-related subjects like biology and medicine.

Solving puzzles is one of my favourite activities. I also like to do sport; especially running.

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