Traineeship / in company Early Stage Researcher (m/f) for Lambert Instruments (ESR5-NL)

We are seeking for an early stage researcher (ESR) in Artificial Intelligence in an EU funded, initial training network. The position is in the company Lambert Instruments, an SME that develops cameras and software for highly advanced light microscopy studies.

As an ESR you will contribute to the development of a groundbreaking, fully automated microscopy setup that can be used in various disciplines in Life Sciences (Basic research, Medicine, Biotechnology, Agriculture, etc.). You will apply deep-learning to develop a fully automated processing workflow to detect subtle changes in biological samples. The research involves improvement of an advanced fluorescence microscopy protocol for speed and accuracy, optimization of modulation and illumination parameters and the development of noise reduction algorithms. By using active feedback loops for real-time measurement adjustment, the harvest of target patterns will be optimized using reinforcement learning or other control algorithms for digital microscopes. The outcomes of this study will aid to the design of new strategies aimed to improve outcomes for patients suffering from various diseases, ranging from rare genetic disorders to more common age-related disorders (e.g., diabetes, neurodegenerative disease, and cancer).

As a participant in this highly prestigious research and training programme you will work in multidisciplinary teams and receive frequent training weeks abroad hosted by one of the 11 universities and 3 companies that are part of the Perioco project. Inclusion in a PHD programme at the RUG is encouraged.

Location:Groningen, The Netherlands

Application deadline: 31/05/2019
Starting date:  August 1, 2019

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