ESR3-NL: Translational models for peroxisomal dysfunction in genetic disease and malnutrition

Reference: ESR3-NL

A PhD position is available at the University Medical Centre Groningen, Department Paediatrics, Centre for Liver, Digestive and Metabolic Diseases, The Netherlands.
Project title: Translational models for peroxisomal dysfunction in genetic disease and malnutrition
In this ‘Systems Medicine’ project we will focus on the construction of computational models to understand how severe acute malnutrition (SAM) leads to sustained dysfunction of peroxisomal and mitochondrial metabolism. A challenge for such an approach is to bridge the gap between computational models and the in vivo metabolism in patient tissues. To this end the PhD student will also develop in vitro disease models, such as liver organoids and iPS-derived liver cell culture. Tasks include:

  • Establish an in vitro model for SAM (liver iPS cells and/or organoids in medium deprived of amino acids).
  • Biochemical characterization of the in vitro malnutrition model, focusing on fluxomics and proteomics.
  • Construct a computational model of the interplay between peroxisomes and mitochondria in lipid metabolism.
  • Model-informed interventions to rescue peroxisomal-mitochondrial function.

Location: Groningen, The Netherlands
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. B.M. Bakker (b.m.bakker01AT
Co-supervisors: Prof. Dr. V. Martins Dos Santos, Lifeglimmer GmbH & Dr. R. Bandsma, The Hospital for Sick Children
Planned secondments: The Hospital for Sick Children, KU Leuven, Lifeglimmer GmbH
Required subject specific skills and expertise: A masters’ degree in life sciences, biophysics, biochemistry, or a related field, with clear affinity for metabolism and mathematics.
Application deadline: 17/02/2019
Starting date:  April 1, 2019

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