ESR11-BE: Peroxisomal redox metabolism in health and disease

Reference: ESR11-BE

A PhD position is available at KU Leuven, Department of Cellular and Molecular Medicine, Leuven, Belgium
Project title: Peroxisomal redox metabolism in health and disease

  • To identify proteins that have the capacity to channel H2Oacross the peroxisomal membrane using CRISPR-based approaches in combination with a cell line in which the production of peroxisomal H2Ocan be carefully controlled;
  • To study the role of the identified H2Otransporters in signalling pathways and cellular responses to H2O2-induced oxidative insults;
  • To unveil the role of peroxisome membrane contact site (MCS) in interorganellar redox communication (use of synthetic tethers and cell lines in which MCS proteins that will be identified in WP1 are inactivated by CRISPRn);
  • To assess how altered expressions of known and newly-identified peroxisomal transporters modulate redox state in different cell compartments.

Location: Leuven, Belgium
Supervisor: Prof. Dr. M. Fransen (
Co-supervisors: Prof. Dr. E. Gnaiger, Oroboros Instruments GmbH & Prof. dr. H. R. Waterham, Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam
Planned secondments: The Hospital for Sick Children, Academic Medical Centre at the University of Amsterdam, Oroboros Instruments GmbH
Required subject specific skills and expertise: a master’s degree in life sciences (e.g., biomedical sciences, molecular cell biology, biochemistry, or biophysics). Experience in mammalian cell culture and fluorescence microscopy is advantageous but not mandatory.
Application deadline: 15/06/2019
Starting date:  September 1, 2019

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